First Ever Challenge: The 5 Day Introduction Challenge

I would like to first give credit to the website Comedy Connected for giving me the wonderful idea for my first challenge.

Basically this challenge is the basic of all basic challenges. It is an easy transition for all bloggers to get comfortable with blogging. I have tried some challenges before, but have not been very successful at blogging them. For all you future bloggers out there that are very confused and conflicted on where to start, try out this challenge to spark some creativity. I predict that once I get into blogging, it will be very hard to stop.

Guidelines   The only rule to follow is to be sure to post every day. Getting into the blogging habit is the first step to a successful blog.

Preview of the challenge

Day 1: Story Telling

Day 2: Videomania

Day 3: 10 Ten

Day 4: The Internet, How Much Would A Spider Love All These Connections?

Day 5: Extra Extra Read All About it.

Since its about 1:00 am where I am, I’m thinking its a good idea to end here and start day 1 in the morning. Night Bloggers xoxo


Hello, Holla, Bonjour, Ciao, Along With Other Various Forms of Hello

Hello and welcome to an exciting and creative blog(well in my eyes at least). Sit back and relax as you ready through my crazy adventures through life. I want to take as many challenges as possible within the next two year and see what I gain out of life. I would like to encourage everyone to leave me with some ideas. So if you sick of watching reality TV and you want you brain to actually being involved in an activity keep on reading my blog.