Did you say Gipper??

The show Tosh.0 can be very strange and as much as I hate to admit it, the show really is entertaining. The man is just so honest, and creepy. The sarcastic creepiness is what really gets me. Just when you think he has crossed the line of inappropriate he tops it.

Todays Challenge is find an youtube video and share it on your blog, thus I present to you Gipper.

This man was trying to film his own music video when he got hit by a car, not just any car… but an ice-cream truck. Daniel Tosh decided to give him a web redemption and that is what they produced. I will link below the original video as well. Just watch the first 48 seconds after that they just replay the thing over and over.

Gotta give the man credit for original dance moves. Well bloggers I am off to bed early tonight, it has been a long day. Worked pretty much from morning till now and I’m ready to call it a night. XOXO love y’all